DamnFineEating.com is from the publishers of DineandCook.com, a digital food journal.  This site was created to separate Dine & Cook’s operations from product reviews and food journalism’s seedy underbelly.  We’re their ugly headed stepchild that is always forced to sit at the kid’s table during holidays.

We understand you’re a busy person and we also understand that when it comes to food websites there’s just way too many of them.  With that in mind we built this site with one goal only– to stay as brief as possible and only report on things wacky, different and just plain strange when it comes to the food industry.  We are the opposite of all those happy go-lucky nothing ever goes wrong food blogger types.  Think of us as a refreshing slap to your palate complementing your daily food media reading– the wasabi to your sushi, the baconnaise on your BLT.


Every product we review comes with a ranking based on objective evaluations.  We understand that everyone’s taste buds and likes are different and our promise to you is that we strive to be as fair as possible.  Our reviews are meant to inform and educate; but ultimately it is up to you, the consumer to determine if you like an item or not.

If you represent a product and wish to send over an item for our staff to review, please email us at reviews[at]damnfineeating.com.

Rankings explained

A product can receive no more than 5 flames and no less than 1.

1 Star: Abysmal
This product is not worth your time or consideration.

2 Stars: Poor
This product lacks quality and has many flaws.

3 Stars: Average
This product has no major faults but lacks wow power.

4 Stars: Excellent
This product is solid and comes highly recommended.

5 Stars: Spectacular
This product is “damn fine,” it is in a category of its own making and is as close to perfect as can be.

1/2 a flame
It is also possible for products to receive an additional half flame if they fall in between our categories.