esquire networkWe’ve had our eyes on the newly launched Esquire Network since it debuted several weeks ago.  We are already fans of three food themed shows.

Knife Fight

Hosted by Top Chef season 2 winner Ilan Hall, this show takes a fresh approach to TV food competition shows.  It lacks the quirkiness of Iron Chef, the drama of Top Chef and the TV tricks of Gordon Ramsay.  Esquire found an easy way to just let chefs do their thing in the kitchen with ingredients selected by someone else. The show is a bit in your face and hipster-rific, but the substance of the show makes it easy to ignore this.

Brew Dogs

Dare we say Brew Dogs on Esquire is endearing?  Part travel show, part beer show and part brewing show, Brew Dogs is a fun escape into what goes into making a great brew.  James Watt and Martin Dickie have a great on camera personality that keeps you coming back for just “one more.”

The Getaway

Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover has been reincarnated as The Getaway by Esquire.  The Getaway is pretty much the same show, down to the graphics package and production company, but instead of Bourdain sharing his travel tips celebrities share their insights.  Part sightseeing, this show still lets food and booze remain the star.  Quirky, funny, The Getaway is laid back enough for repeat viewing.