White House Photo

White House Photo

After President Obama is re-sworn into office for a second time at a public ceremony today, he along with the first lady, Supreme Court justices, and members of Congress will sit down to a three-course meal.

The Inaugural luncheon is a tradition dating back centuries and on the menu this year is:

  • Steamed lobster with New England clam chowder sauce
  • Hickory-grilled bison with a red potato horseradish cake and wild huckleberry reduction
  • Hudson Valley apple pie with sour cream ice cream, aged cheese and honey

The White House says the menu features artisanal and sustainably produced ingredients, the wines served come from New York.

The menu was the creation of executive chef Shannon Shaffer of Arlington, Virginia’s, Design Cuisine.  He was also tapped four years ago for the job and this is the sixth Inaugural Luncheon for Design Cuisine.

“It’s a four-day process but we’ve been working on this for five months. It’s the most important lunch I’ve ever done,” Shaffer told WUSA.  It’ll take 70 sous chefs, cooks and others to feed the 230 guests.

Chef Shaffer also said that he’s created healthier versions of the dishes in honor of Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s move campaign.”