We voted, did you?

Should food writers have an opinion on politics?

One of the golden rules of journalism, at least for the reporters in the trenches, is to keep your political opinion to yourself.

It’s no secret that the vast majority of food people are liberal leaning.  Take Mario Batali for example who uses his twitter account to start a flame war from time to time.  Anthony Bourdain speaks openly about his politics, remember that episode with Ted Nugent?  And then there’s Tom Colicchio who has started his own food based political ranking system.

This is something personal to us because all of us here at Damn Fine Eating and Dine and Cook come from a real-world journalism background- years of it actually at major networks and publications.  So we were intrigued when we read the following from Michael Ruhlman:

“Is it justifiable for me, known and read primarily for writing about food, cooking, and the work of the professional kitchen, to voice my opinion on a matter unrelated to food?”

Ruhlman takes a wondering approach through his reasoning and eventually answers his own question by listing what he believes.   Honestly all his thinking out loud is 4 years too late, in 2008 he wrote a blog post titled: “Vote Obama.”

As for us, we believe food has become too politicized and is being used as a tool to perpetuate this feeling of class warfare.  We’re a food publication, we’re an entertainment publication, we are an oasis from the real world.  We know that there are more important things out there to be worried about than the latest Paula Deen vs Anthony Bourdain mud slinging fest– but that’s what we do.

So to answer Mr. Ruhlman’s question, we will only be voicing one opinion today on election day and that is this:

Go out and vote!