Home brewers are so mad that they aren’t being allowed to take part in this weekend”s beer festival in St. Louis they are considering legal action.

STLToday.com reports that amateur beer makers have brewed hundreds of gallons of suds for the festival but Monday organizers said they wouldn’t be able to come.  So who’s behind the change?  St. Louis based mega brewery Budweiser?

No.  City Hall.

It turns out in St. Louis you need a license to sell beer (they skipped that law at previous festivals) and since home brewers being who they are– they don’t have these licenses.  Further complicating matters, in Missouri by law you can only home brew for personal consumption.

One suggestion that’s being batted around to circumvent the law is serving home brew in a free tent outside of the festival, but that’s unlikely to happen due to the logistical headaches it would create.

Home brewers who planned to participate aren’t holding their breathes, in fact they are already planning their own event for next month.