File this under the category of how not to treat your customers, no matter how rude they are– because it just “ain’t” worth it.

Atlanta restaurant Boners BBQ decided it would be smart to take to Facebook to blast a customer who wrote a not so nice Yelp review.

Stephanie S. starts her two star essay on her visit:

“The food was tepid.  The flavors odd to bland and the atmosphere a bit lackluster. The fact that they were playing talk radio when we came in and the fact that the decor is second hand picnic-y could be excused if the food was really good. The short: It wasn’t.”

The owner of Boners just couldn’t let the bad review go, so they took to another social networking site to resolve the problem.

“NOT WANTED! (Stephanie S.) left waitress 0.00 tip on a $40 tab after she received a Scoutmob discount. If you see this woman in your restaurant, tell her to go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself! Yelp that shit.”

For obvious reasons, the comment has been removed.

Yelp being, well what Yelp is, has since bombed the Boners page with bad reviews.  For example Linn B. writes the following in his one star review:

While I have only been to this place one time, I wasn’t impressed I did leave a tip, but after seeing what they did to Stephanie S. there is no way that I will darken their door again, and I hope that they close their doors soon!

It seems foodies around the world united to save poor Stephanie Stuck from the evil restaurant owner.  As the local Fox News affiliate put it:

After the comments about Stuck were posted, the blogging community quickly came to her defense.  The story popped up on blogs across the country written by people who were outraged by the business’ actions.

Sporting a new perspective on life, Boners’ owner once again took to Facebook to try to calm everything down.

“Dear, Stephanie S. – We are truly sorry, it was a bonehead move on our part. But more importantly – it was rude to you and an inappropriate use of social media, which has been a driving force for our business because we can’t afford traditional advertising. We rely on word-of-mouth. Your experience was yours to share and not mine to abuse. Boners BBQ is my passion and my life. Please give me the opportunity to serve you again at our expense- if not please allow me to fully refund your money on me, Sincerely, Andrew Capron.”

After that message was posted, Stephanie emailed Atlanta media outlets notifying them that says she’s not going to take either option offered by Capron.

Atlanta BBQ Restaurant Blasts Customer on Facebook: