A British celebrity chef is in hot water after being arrested for shoplifting cheese and wine at a UK supermarket.

Chef Antony Worrall Thompson, best known for his appearances on British TV including “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” was reportedly caught stealing from a Tesco grocery store in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.  The 60-year-old apparently tried to get by the store’s self-checkout counter without paying for the items in question.  Police aren’t commenting on the matter, only confirming that they arrested a 60-year-old man matching Worral’s address after an altercation at the store.

Tabloid newspaper “The Sun” is reporting that the store’s staff set up a camera after Worrall was spotted not paying for several low-value items on at least five occasions.

This isn’t Worrall’s first financial “issue.”  Back in 2009 his restaurant chain reportedly owed more than 200 creditors some $1.5 million.

Worrall apologized for his actions, calling them “stupid and irresponsible” in a statement on his website.


I am so sorry for all my recent stupid and irresponsible actions; I am of course devastated for my family and friends, whom I’ve let down and will seek the treatment that is clearly needed. I am not the first, and I certainly won’t be the last person to do something without rhyme or reason – what went through my head, only time will tell.

Of course, I must also apologise sincerely to Tesco, with whom I’m had a long and genuine working relationship, and to all the staff at the Henley branch, many of whom I’ve got to know over the years.

Once again, I am so sorry and hopefully in the future I can make amends.

Antony Worrall Thompson January 2012